25 Aug 2014

25 Aug 2014

Legal Disclaimer



1.1 Introduction

The use of the Company website by you (the applicant/client), you (the applicant/client) hereby give your (the applicant/clients’) full consent and irrevocable agreement to the following Legal Disclaimer of the Company website/service. Furthermore, viewing, accessing and applying electronically for your Convenient Service Package via the Company website confirms your acceptance of our policies (hereinafter known and referred to as the Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Legal Disclaimer and Privacy policy, collectively known as the “Policies”) and procedures. If you the applicant/client do not agree to and accept the Company policies (Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Legal Disclaimer and Privacy policy), DO NOT USE THE COMPANY WEBSITE.

1.2 By applying on the Company website for the Convenient Service Package you (the applicant/client) irrevocably agree to the policies of The Company and by submitting your (the applicant/clients’) application on the Company website, it constitutes a digital signature in conclusive acceptance and agreement of the ongoing digital legally binding and enforceable agreement between yourself (the applicant/client) and The Company, which is Automatically Generated by the Company website AFTER your (the applicant/clients’) “tick box” consent and agreement and confirmation of submission (clicking the submit application button) is received by The Company online/electronically.

1.3 Applying on the Company website for your Convenient Service Package is a clear indication of your (the applicant/clients’) understanding of all the material, processes and policies associated therewith. As time changes, so does the law and we (The Company) reserve the full right and authority to change and\or amend these terms and conditions at any time whether it be company or law related.

1.4 AT NO POINT may the content and\or material be used by any one individual or company for reproduction or distribution. This law applies in any jurisdiction or country where regulations like these apply. Plagiarism will not be tolerated by The Company and\or its directors, managers and employees, and any entity, company or person who plagiarizes the content of the Company website will face punitive civil or criminal prosecution.

2. Risk of applicant

2.1 All content on the Company website is viewed at the applicant/clients’ own risk. Due to the intense nature of the internet itself, the applicant/client will carry all risk when applying online/electronically or browsing the website of The Company and the applicant/client should exercise care when using the Company website. The Company website is THAWTE PROTECTED with SSL Certification; all personal information entered onto the website of The Company is done so at the applicant/clients’ own risk. To lower the risk, we encourage that all applicants’/clients’ enter all true and correct information on the Company website when submitting his/her application online/electronically for the purchase of your Convenient Service Package. Common glitches happen in everyday life when it comes to infrastructure and electronics so at no point can The Company accept responsibility for loss or damage caused to any new applicants’/clients’ or parties accessing the website of The Company.

3. Plagiarism VS Applicant Use

3.1 The information and content which makes up The Company is readily available to all its applicants/clients FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Reproduction, distribution and plagiarism are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and any individual, entity or company who fails to comply with this policy will face punitive civil and/or criminal prosecution.

4. Unauthorized Use

4.1 Unauthorized use of the Company website, including but not limited to trespassing into The Company’s computer systems, misuse of passwords or the misuse of the information and material is strictly prohibited and forbidden, and any such actions may be addressed in the relevant forum and/or court.

5. Web Content

5.1 The Company conducts business of a general nature, and so too is its product, ideas and opinions. Before any commitment or agreement is entered into between the applicant/client and The Company we HIGHLY recommend that the applicant/client seek the correct advice from a competent individual or group. All our product information is CLEARLY outlined in the content on the Company website, so it is the applicant/clients’ responsibility to study the information thoroughly and any disagreement transpiring from the Company website content is STRONGLY subject to the laws of South Africa. We endeavour to ensure that the content of the Company website is not false, misleading or deceptive, and any uncertainty should be corresponded with The Company before submitting your (the applicant/clients’) application for your Convenient Service Package online/electronically.

6. Warranties, Disclaimers & Limitation of Liability

6.1 The Company and its director(s), management, employee(s) and shareholder(s) will not be held responsible for any liability for any loss, damage or expenses caused by interception by third parties of any information made available via the Company website.

6.2 Furthermore, The Company and its director(s), management, employee(s) and shareholder(s) disclaim ALL liability for damage, loss and costs incurred, whether direct or indirect even if through a third party, on the Company website.


No variation of, or addition to this Agreement shall be of any force or effect unless it is reduced to writing and signed by or on behalf of the Parties.


No relaxation, indulgence or concession granted by The Company to you (applicant/client) in respect of any of your obligations herein shall constitute a novation of any part of the Agreement nor otherwise prejudice, derogate from, or affect, any rights which The Company may have against you.